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Product Success Stories    

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 Woman's Dream has helped women with the following types of problems.

÷ Premenopause ÷ Menopause ÷ Postmenopause
÷ Hot Flashes ÷ Eczema ÷ Fibrocystic Breast/Tumors
÷ Hysterectomy ÷ Insomnia ÷ Irritability
÷ Use of Estrogenic  Herbs ÷ PMS/Cramping ÷ Weight Loss/Cellulite
÷ Irregular Cycle

÷ Tubal Ligation

÷ Endometriosis
÷ Pre-teen Menstrual Problems ÷ Depression

÷ Sexual Interest

÷ Leg Cramps ÷ Thyroid Problems

÷ Osteoporosis

÷ Sandee's Story 



"Iím into my fourth month of using the Womanís Dreamô and am happy to report that the breast tenderness I had experience forever is now gone, my cycle is 100 % normal now and my Dr. is lowering my thyroid medication." -Sue, Colorado

"I feel too good to get off of Womanís Dreamô progesterone cream ever. I wasnít sleeping the greatest, was experiencing hot flashes and didnít have much energy.  Since I started using Womanís Dreamô, I sleep like a baby, hardly have any hot flashes any more and have lots of energy. Iím here to stay." - Bonnie, Colorado

"As I grew older, I was experiencing PMS and insomnia constantly and my periods were cycling every two weeks. I talked to my gynecologist about going on a natural alternative, progesterone cream and he gave it his blessing. Since being on the Womanís Dreamô all of those symptoms are gone. It has smoothed everything out for me."  -Maxine, Colorado

"Migraine headaches have been a reoccurring problem for me, usually coinciding with my monthly cycle. Now I am on Womanís Dreamô and the headaches no longer occur."  -Jan, Missouri

"Before using Womanís Dreamô my hair was thinning, my fingernails were brittle, my joints ached, my body had lost itís flexibility, I had no energy and I was not sleeping well. After two months on the cream, all of these symptoms disappeared. Itís like a miracle."  -Simona, Florida

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"Iím sailing through menopause like a dream. Using Womanís Dreamô is a dream."  -Janice, Colorado

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"Iím 74 years old and wanted to get off Premarin and Provera. I got off them in one month by using Womanís Dreamô with no problems. I also lost 8 lb. and the swelling and bloating I used to experience was gone in one week."  -Marion, Colorado

"I went through menopause very early in life (40 yr. old) and was put on synthetic estrogen. I hated being on the estrogen and was looking for a natural alternative when a friend introduced me to the Womanís Dreamô cream. It has helped with everything. Now under control are the hot flashes I used to have, the Candida I could not conquer, the weight gain I used to fight and the abnormal thyroid condition.   Even if it didnít do anything for me, I would never stop using this product."  -Alexis, California

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Hot Flashes

"One year ago I started to use the Womanís Dreamô cream and it has been the answer for me. I am 54 years old and was having severe hot flashes. Since I am a flight attendant, these hot flashes were really getting to be a problem. I didnít want to be put on synthetic hormone replacement, so this natural alternative is exactly what I was looking for. The hot flashes are gone."  -Linda, California

"The Womanís Dreamô took care of my hot flashes, which was such a relief because I didnít want to go on the synthetic estrogen." -Pat, Missouri

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 Pre-teen Menstrual Cycle

Nonstop cycle -When my daughter was 11 years old she started her period. The period was very heavy and she flowed non stop for over one year.  She was just miserable and we were looking for an alternative answer to birth control pills-which the Doctors had recommended.  I had been using the Womanís Dream cream myself and had tremendous results in that it helped regulate my cycle back to normal.  When I talked to Sandee, she suggested that we put my daughter on the cream as directed for endometriosis. I am so happy to report that by the fourth month, my daughter had completely normalized!  Her period is now on a regular schedule and it is no longer heavy or non stop.  She now uses only ľ jar per month for two weeks out of the month. Thank you so much for your product! Carol, WY



I have been using Womanís Dream cream for four years now and will never be without it.  After my third child was born I started to suffer from post partum depression, in fact so severe that the Doctor thought I needed psychological help.  I was only feeling good about five days out of the month when a friend told me about Womanís Dream cream.  Since she had such positive results from using this cream, I decided to give it a try. After I started using Womanís Dream, it took about three months for me to normalize and I started to feel just great once again.  I didnít realize that there was such a drastic difference in the effectiveness of progesterone creams, so I bought a different brand from off of the shelf.  Much to my horror, all of the terrible symptoms I had previously experienced returned and it was truly a recurring nightmare!  I quickly called Resource Maxima and reordered the Womanís Dream cream, and had relief very quickly.  I know this cream works-without a doubt!  -Lynn, CA

 I had been diagnosed with PMDD, which is like a depression break down.  It was ruining my marriage, my personal life was terrible and I was facing getting fired from my job because of my erratic emotional state.  I found a flyer about Womanís Dream cream and wondered if my emotional state was hormonally caused.  I contacted Resource Maxima and ordered the Womanís Dream cream.  Sandee worked with me, encouraging me that the Womanís Dream cream would work, and it did!  Almost immediately, I started to calm down, like about 70%!  Now I am back to normal, my cycle is back to normal, I kept my job, and in fact got a promotion but my marriage did not make it. Thatís okay; I am such a happy person now.  This cream is definitely nice, I love it.  -Laura, WA



"I suffered from terrible eczema on my hands and fingers for years. I used to wear bandages on every finger because of the cracks and bleeding. The older I got, the worse this eczema became and I also started to have my period every two weeks. On Womanís Dreamô, the eczema has completely gone away and my cycle has returned to normal."  -Linda, New Jersey

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Fibrocystic Breast/Tumors

I had fibrocystic breast disease when I started on the Womanís Dream cream five years ago. Within a few months the disease disappeared and I am well to this day. I faithfully use the cream every month and now that I have stabilized I find that I only need to use 1/3 jar per month. Womanís Dream helps keep my emotional state stable as well. - Charlotte, CO

"I will never go off this cream. I used to have lumps on my breast and since using Womanís Dreamô cream, the lumps have completely disappeared."   -Vikki, Kansas

"I have been on Womanís Dreamô for over a year and am just amazed with the positive results. I had always experienced tender, sore breasts, which had turned into fibrocystic breast disease. I am overjoyed to report that the natural progesterone cream has taken care of my problem and I am so happy that it was this easy to take care of.  No surgery, chemicals or drugs. Thank you, Resource Maxima !"   -Vernie, Colorado

"It took three months before I got significant results using the Womanís Dreamô. I had fibrocystic breasts and found that they completely normalized when I used the cream regularly. Womanís Dreamô has been a pleasant answer to a problem Iíve been dealing with for a long time."  -Carolyn, Virginia

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"When I was young, I had a hysterectomy and have been on synthetic estrogen for the past 18 years. Sadly to say, being on the estrogen this long has left me with a very serious liver disease that I will have to cope with for the rest of  my life. I am no longer on the estrogen and I do believe that the Womanís Dreamô has helped me through some very  rough places. I should be having a much harder time according to my Doctor.  How I wish I would have known about natural progesterone 18 years ago."  -Deborah, Colorado

"My Dr. put me on Provera because I had had a hysterectomy. I really hated what it did to me. My mood swings were terrible and my emotional health was shattered. I used to cry all the time and had such a sense of helplessness.  Even though my Dr. kept adjusting the dosage, I never normalized. When I started to use Womanís Dreamô I stopped the Provera immediately. Now I feel absolutely wonderful! No more mood swings and no more emotional outbursts of crying. I feel so in control, so calm and peaceful. I will never go back to a synthetic again."  -Stacey, Missouri

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Sexual Interest

"Womanís Dreamô cream is the best. I have tried many other creams but have found none as effective as the Womanís Dreamô cream by Resource Maximaô. You would not believe how this has helped my libido, (sexual interest)."  -Connie, Montana

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Insomnia/ Irritability

"I really love this stuff. I have always been of a mellow temperament but felt I was becoming more irritable the older I got.  When I went on the Womanís Dreamô I felt an immediate change, like a calming. Now I feel so peaceful and I sleep wonderfully."  -Dee, Colorado

"Womanís Dreamô is all the best. I could not live without it. It has given me a basic calmness and I now feel in control.  It is a very good natural alternative to what is out there."  -Iris, Montana

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  Use of Estrogenic Herbs

"Womanís Dreamô helped alleviate the backaches, mood swings and PMS I was experiencing. I was having wonderful success until I started an herbal based cleansing program not related to the progesterone cream. The herbs used in this program were evidently estrogenic and I started to have my period continuously and extremely heavy.  When I didnít get any relief, I went off the cleansing program and used extra progesterone cream to help normalize me.  I was back to normal in two days. Since I am prone to be estrogen dominant, I now am very careful about which herbs I take and use the Womanís Dreamô faithfully every month. I feel great now." -Joanne, Montana

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PMS/ Cramping

"My teenage daughter had been bothered with PMS and cramping associated with her periods. I convinced her to try my Womanís Dreamô cream the next time she was having problems, so she did, and to her amazement, she got immediate relief. I used to get severe, frequent hot flashes and after using the cream, they have vanished. We both use the cream regularly because we are experiencing such positive changes in our overall health."  -Sandra, Colorado

"My mother swears by the Womanís Dreamô cream, so when I was experiencing severe cramping in my abdomen
one day, she told me to rub some cream right on my abdomen. I did just that and I could not believe what happened.
With in 10 minutes, the pain was completely gone and I had a most wonderful day."
  -Ryan Rae, Colorado

"Both my daughter and I are on Womanís Dreamô. It is wonderful and I am so excited about it. It has helped both of us with headaches, PMS, cravings, cramping and pain in the lower back."  -Trudy, Colorado

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Weight Loss/ Cellulite

"To me, staying healthy means staying with the natural approach as much as possible. That is why I started using Womanís Dreamô. I did not want to take estrogen and I knew that natural progesterone could strengthen my bones. I have really been into aerobics but I could not get rid of the cellulite in my legs. Since I have been on the Womanís Dreamô cream, (5 months) the cellulite is disappearing! I used to be ashamed to wear shorts, but now my legs are beautiful and I can wear shorts proudly. I really love this cream."  -Gladys, California

"I was on the Premarin patch and when I took it off, I had no problems, thanks to Womanís Dreamô. I am also using the Hot Flashô cream and feel so good. Oh, by the way, I have also lost 24 lb. since I started using Womanís Dreamô."   -Pamela, California

"I used Womanís Dreamô for awhile until my Dr. put me on a synthetic replacement. I immediately gained 40 lb. Iím back on the Womanís Dreamô!"  -Susan, Missouri

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Irregular Cycle

"I had used other brands of progesterone cream previously, but never, had got the results that Womanís Dreamô cream gave me. My cycle was a mess; it was so irregular that I was beginning to doubt that progesterone cream would work for me. Then I tried the Womanís Dreamô. To my amazement, I got almost immediate results. My cycle completely normalized and has remained that way after two years of using the Womanís Dreamô. Because I believe in this product so much I have gotten many of my friends to also experience wonderful results by using it."  -Nola, Missouri

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Tubal Ligation

"Since myself and three of my daughters have all experienced the very same symptoms after having our tubes tied (tubal ligation) I am convinced that this procedure caused problems for us. Before our operations, we all were normal and happy. After, we all experienced almost unbearable PMS and our periods were not only frequent but also very heavy. When I heard about Womanís Dreamô, my daughters and I tried some. The great news is that it worked! By now, my PMS and periods are over, but I needed to be calmed down. Calm me down it did and it completely alleviated my daughters PMS and their cycles returned to normal."  -Luanne, Colorado

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"Starting at age 16 I went through horror for years until being introduced to Womanís Dreamô. After using Womanís Dreamô for one week my symptoms began to decrease, rashes disappeared and within 90 days the endometriosis was gone. I also went on the Maxima Iô and lost over 40 pounds."  -Melanie, Texas

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Leg Cramps

"I have had chronic leg cramps for years and my hot flashes were extremely annoying even though I was on a prescription estrogen. As soon as I began to use the Woman's Dreamô my leg cramping stopped and the hot flashes disappeared. I have used it for over one year now and my over all well being is incredible."  -Peg, Colorado

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Thyroid Problems

"Over two years ago I was diagnosed with low thyroid and had terrible hot flashes. When I took the thyroid medication I would have terrible reactions including heart pounding so I had to quit. When I went on Woman's Dream, my hot flashes disappeared and after one year my thyroid was completely normal without the medication. I have been on Woman's Dream for two years now and am completely normal." -Cheryl, Oregon


"I was suffering from a very serious thyroid imbalance when introduced to Womanís Dreamô. After using the cream as directed for less than one month, the doctor reduced my medication. After using the product for six months my thyroid was normal after years of suffering."  -Peggy, Colorado

"I have low thyroid and have found that when I use the Womanís Dreamô cream faithfully as directed my thyroid tests normal. When I forget to use the cream, my thyroid drops below normal! The mood swings are not as drastic either when Iím on Womanís Dreamô. It is really great stuff."  -Susan, Colorado




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