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I want to tell you my story.  Although my story is unique to me, the symptoms are common to many women.  In 1979 I gave birth to our last child and opted to have a Tubal Ligation.  I never had a normal cycle again!  I had never experienced any problems prior to this time as I was one of those fortunate females who breezed through life with normal menstrual cycles and easy, healthy pregnancies.  We have four children, three lovely daughters and our last, a son.  After the Tubal Ligation, my cycle went from perfectly normal to about every two weeks, maybe three and I started to suffer severe PMS.  I only felt good about four days out of every month.  The closer I got to forty, the worse I became.  I developed serious allergies and migraine headaches that would put me to bed for three days at a time.  By the age of forty five, I was not a pleasant person to be around anymore.  I hated what I was becoming, but could not change.  My PMS was not fun, for me nor anyone else around me.  It was putting a serious strain on my marriage, although I loved my husband, Gary very much, he could do nothing right in my eyes.  I started to experience even worse menstrual cycles the closer I got to fifty and I was not sleeping well at night any longer.  You could sum it up, I was a mess!


When I visited my Doctor in 1990, I was told that my uterus was enlarged and that I needed a complete hysterectomy!  Needless to say, that was not even an option for me, Mrs. natural! An acquaintance sent me some information on a natural progesterone cream right after the dismal  medical recommendation.  That was the answer I was looking for, a natural remedy, because I had been a practicing advocate of natural verses chemical since 1970.  I ordered the cream and began to receive relief within a very short time after I starting using it.  Within one week, I was sleeping again at night and the PMS symptoms were disappearing.  Within sixty days my cycle completely normalized, the first time in sixteen years!  My joy for life was restored, my relationship with Gary was wonderful and I stopped screaming at my children.  I was no longer so anxious and stressed out!  I thank God that I did not opt for the recommended hysterectomy.


We started our own production of Woman's' Dream natural progesterone cream in 1996 out of necessity.  The company I was buying natural progesterone cream from drastically cut the amount of progesterone in their cream, to the point that it no longer was effective.  All of the prior negative symptoms I had experienced returned.  I tried many creams that were on the market. Gary and I worked with many companies trying to find a cream that would "work".  Needless to say, we could find none that really had enough of the natural progesterone in them so we ended up formulating our own cream, and thus our own, Woman's Dream was born.


Since that time, we have been fortunate to share our wonderful progesterone cream with so many women and we consider that an answer to prayer.  Our product has been spread by word of mouth as one friend tells another, then another. We know that there are wonderful, natural properties in trees, herbs, flowers, roots, leaves, fruits and vegetables which can be used for healing and our progesterone cream is just one of many products  in the market place that uses a natural source as verses a synthetic source.


Now I am post menopausal.  I have gone through the entire repertoire of menopause with NO problems whatsoever.  Hot flashes?  Osteoporosis?  Not for me.  I am thankful that Woman's Dream has helped me through yet another phase in my life.