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l.   What is estrogen dominance?

There is a delicate balance between the hormones in our body-especially estrogen and progesterone.  A key to hormone balance is the knowledge that when estrogen becomes the dominant hormone and progesterone is deficient, the estrogen becomes toxic to the body and produces a syndrome called estrogen dominance.  Natural progesterone (not synthetic progestin) has a balancing  or mitigating effect on estrogen and can be the answer for thousands of women suffering from this imbalance.  There are very, very few western women truly deficient in estrogen, most are deficient in progesterone.  It is clear that excess estrogen, when unopposed or unbalanced by progesterone, is not something to be desired.  Many of estrogen's undesirable side effects are effectively prevented by progesterone.   

2.   Women starting to take control of their own health

Women from all ages and every stage of life are all looking for answers to these health problems that they intuitively know are hormonal in nature.  There is a great thirst for knowledge now in this area and women know full well they are not being served properly by the treatments routinely given by the medical profession.  They know something is wrong when 650,000 (or more) hysterectomies per year are performed in the United States.  They know that females were not created to be victims of a creative mistake.  They know that a hormone that is supposed to cure them should not also promote cancer.  Women are far more knowledgeable, intelligent and intuitive than the medical profession has given them credit for and a revolution in women' health is underway.  Women of all ages are regaining control of their own health destinies.

3.   What is going on?

Why in America and other industrialized countries do women suffer from PMS to osteoporosis and every  discomfort in between.  Age seems to no longer have any discretion as girls younger and younger are developing serious problems.  By now the very word menopause  or "change of life" instills dread into every woman approaching this phase  of her life.  The very word menopause has taken on a new meaning of having to experience hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings vaginal dryness, loss of sexual  enjoyment, fatter hips and sagging breasts.  Then of course is the terrifying "O" word, osteoporosis.  Why  do women in other cultures make this transition without all of the problems we see here in America?  They seem to sail through each phase of their life without any particular problems.  There was a time here in America when a woman's mother, grandmother or aunt would quietly let  her know what to expect during each phase of her life and help her through the rough patches with herbs and homespun, time-tested wisdom.  What has happened?  The medical profession took over the role of woman's health shortly  prior to Word War II.  Old fashioned herbal remedies and health practices were abandoned in favor of  drugs and chemicals.  Natural solutions were overlooked by conventional medicine because of medical politics and pharmaceutical company profits.  New substances began to be licensed proprietarily as "drugs" and approved by the Rockefeller-sponsored American Medical Association and Food & Drug Administration with doctors and specialists trained in their dispensation and use through Rockefeller-financed institutions.  Gigantic tax-exempt foundations were set up solely for the purpose of creating more drugs and chemicals.  The end result was that all medical schools became heavily oriented towards drugs and drug research, for it was through the increased sale of drugs that the donors realized a profit on the donations.  It was to be a new chapter in America!  Chemicals now replaced the natural.  Synthetic hormones, drugs, chemicals  and surgery -that is what was started and has continued to this present time.  This present deterioration in women's hormonal health is not natural and has been created by our culture, lifestyles and environment.  

What causes estrogen dominance?

l.       Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) featuring synthetic estrogens and progestins.

2.      Premenopause (results in lack of ovulation, thus lack of progesterone well before the onset of menopause.)

3.      Exposure to environmental estrogens called xenoestrogens.  These are foreign substances originating outside the body that have hormone-like and estrogen-like activity in the body, and thus have a profound negative impact on hormone balance.  They cause an overexposure of estrogen 

a.  Nearly all are derived from petroleum of which would not only include the petroleum products used for transportation and heating, but also millions of products made from petroleum.  To mention a few; plastics, microchips, medicines, clothing, carpets, foods, soaps, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, cosmetics and perfume.

b.  Estrogenic substances given to animals.

4.      Birth control pills

5.      Hysterectomy

6.      Postmenopause  (especially in overweight women).